Is your family’s safety priority #1?
In this time of uncertain economic conditions and record unemployment, protecting your home and providing safety for your family must be your first priority.  Results from a study of convicted criminals show that their two main fears are armed homeowners… and DOGS! 
Without question, the best way to protect what means the most to you is a well trained protection dog.  QuantumK9 takes a very different approach to providing our clients the security they seek. 
First, we do not maintain a kennel full of dogs which are pushed onto potential clients.  Each dog will be custom picked from the best breedings to match the needs of our client.  This practice ensures the right fit between the dog and your home environment.

Second, we believe that a good personal protection dog is a great pet, first.  Those who are in the business of selling protection dogs generally fall into one of three categories.  The “backyard used car salesman” who knows how to make dogs mean, but has no real experience with dogs.  The sport protection person who sells Schutzhund titled dogs for $35,000-$50,000 with the expectation that the dog will actually defend you.  Really?  Not likely.  And then you have the police K9 handler.  Don’t get me wrong…. I know and train with some K9 officers who are very good trainers.  But, many only have the experience of working the dog from one end of the lead.  Make sure you know who you are dealing with when looking to provide for the security of your family.
Jeremy Leming’s in depth understanding of canine behavior comes from a diverse exposure to real world experience.  Helper/decoy work with personal protection, sport protection, and street police dogs provides a wealth of knowledge compared to holding onto the end of a leash.  While training Search and Rescue dogs, he was able to learn about what truly motivates a dog and how true off leash control is obtained.  Even as a letter carrier for 8 years, Jeremy had the opportunity to observe and study canine behavior in their typical home environment.  Having successfully defended himself from over 100+ real dog attacks, he knows what dogs protecting their territory is all about!

QuantumK9 provides both fully trained personal protection dogs and private protection dog training lessons. 
Private Lessons will be done in your home, where your dog will need to perform.  Lessons are focused on teaching basic to advanced obedience as well as defense of family and property. 

• Evaluation/First lesson:  $149
• Single Protection Lesson: $120
• Protection Package (5 lessons): $495

Trained personal protection dogs are chosen specifically to meet your needs and training will be provided to one of three levels.  All protection dogs are trained to be great pets first.  German Shepherds are our breed of choice for K9 protection dogs, but other breeds are available including Belgian Malinois and Rottweilers. Prices include handler/owner training in Indianapolis, IN.  Shipping or personal delivery is available for an additional fee.  Due to the custom nature of our service, delivery times will vary and your dogs training may take up to 3 months.  This ensures you receive the best dog and the highest quality training.


"I was very picky on choosing a dog trainer for my puppy. I chose Jeremy for both his experience and his knowledge and have been more than satisfied with the results. I have been using Jeremy for the last 8 months, and he has helped my German Shepherd make huge strides in both obedience, and family protection training. Would strongly recommend for any dog owner!!!"       Jon H.
Level I - Family Protection Dog
The Family Protection Dog is trained to alert the family to a threat and to display aggression on command and when under threat.  Includes basic obedience.
Level II – Personal Protection Dog 
The Personal Protection Dog is trained to alert the family to a threat, display aggression, and defend you and your family on command and when under threat. Includes basic obedience.

Level III – Executive Protection Dog 
The Executive Protection Dog is the ultimate in personal, family, and business protection

This highly trained dog will alert the family to a threat, display aggression, and defend you, your family, and your property.  The dog is taught to search and clear your home or business, as well as pursue and truly fight with an intruder/attacker.  Includes advanced off leash obedience.
Call today and we will find the right dog for you!

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