Is your dog your best friend...
...or your worst nightmare?

A well behaved, obedient dog is everyone’s dream for their best friend.  So, why is this not the norm for most pet owners today?  Generally, unruly or unwilling dogs are the product of misunderstanding and lack of knowledge.  Unfortunately, many “obedience trainers” have been trained to teach certain behaviors to dogs instead of teaching dog owners how to create good pets.
QuantumK9 takes a different approach to obedience training.  In fact, we don’t even like the term “obedience.” When most people hear or speak the word obedience, it invokes the idea of force or physically making the dog obey. 

The problem lies not in the use of physical correction, but in the fact that human beings have a hard time letting go of the anger which pushes us to physical force. By understanding your dogs psychology, you can calmy create a "mental control" where your dog willingly complies with your rules and commands.

Introducing Pet Willingness lessons!
QuantumK9’s Pet Willingness was developed by Jeremy Leming from a wide variety of canine training venues and real world applications.  Based on a complete understanding of dog behavior, motivation, leadership, appropriate correction, learning theory, and environmental factors, this new approach includes techniques from the proven methods of the past with an individually customized plan for creating great pets.  

Pet Willingness lessons are private, in home training sessions where you will learn how to end the nightmare and start enjoying your best friend. Typical obedience classes are not designed to make your home life better for you and your dog.  Our lessons will work on your specific problems where they occur, in your home, where it’s easiest to fix them.

QuantumK9’s Pet Willingness lessons

 • Puppy training
 • Behavior modification
 • Leadership
 • Aggression problems
 • Making pet homes happy!

Single Obedience Session:  $75 (up to 1 hour)

Three Session Obedience Package:  $199 (up to 3 hours) 

Six Session Obedience Package:  $349  (up to 6 hours)

Aggression Evaluation:  $65 (30 minute max)

* Our services are Non-Refundable as we provide information to pet owners and cannot control the use of that information or the effort applied by them toward training. A travel charge may apply outside of Indianapolis and Greenwood, Indiana.

Jeremy Leming

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